HI-701 4 in 1 car holder is a complete PDA car holder solution with the following functions:

1. Charging and supply power to the PDA
2. Amplifying the PDA sound
3. Making the PDA as a GPS enable unit
4. Holding the PDA in car

By changing the PDA base connector on the holder, almost any type of PDA can be an independent and complete GPS PDA.


HI-701 advantages:

  1. Almost any type of PDA can be used with the 4 in 1car holder by using suitable base connector. User can only change the base connector when he changes his PDA. User can also use different kinds of PDA with the same car holder.
  2. Taking the GPS signal from the hinged GPS receiver back card from the back of the holder the PDA become a complete GPS enable PDA. The attached GPS receiver can also act as an independent GPS mouse by using different kinds of connecting cables.


GPS receiver installation:
Slide the inclusive GPS receiver into the back of the car holder so that the PCB golden finger insert and contact properly into the female connector inside. Based on the most powerful and recent SiRF StarIII ultra high sensitive GPS receiver module, the receiver can get satellite signal in very poor reception environment. Beside, the inclusive GPS receiver is come with a hinge design and can be folded from 0 to 180 degree to adjust the best reception angle.

LED Indicator

LED off Receiver switch off
LED flashing Position Fixed
LED stay on Signal searching
GPS Receiver
Interfaces PCB golden finger & Mini-1394
Baud Rate 4800, N, 8, 1
Max. Update Rate
1 Hz
20 channel
L1, 1575.42MHz
Hot Start
8 sec. Average
Warm Start
38 sec. Average
Cold Start
48 sec. Average
Position Accuracy
15m 2D RMS, SA off
Macimum Altitude
Maximum velocity
DC 3.3V+-10%
Power consumption
90mA continuous mode
Antenna Type
Built-in active antenna
External Antenna Connector
MMCX (Optional)
Fold: 79 (L) x 60 (W) x 26 (H)mm
Unfold: 132 (L) x 60 (W) x 26 (H)mm
LED Indicator:
3D Positioning (blinking) or
Searching GPS (on)

PDA base connector

Insert the base connector in the front-lower part of the car holder. Make sure the PDA base connector is compatible to the PDA that you using.